In preparing to leave the house one day, it occurred to me that perhaps not all companies prepare properly for their translation tasks. Take any project that incorporates translation in it, and I dare ask, do you know what it takes to produce a good translation?

I’d like to briefly touch on the three key issues which are required in any translation task or project: Time, Budget and Expertise/Quality.

Simply put: Time = Higher Quality. Time also means something else that most of us seem to overlook – it means just a little less stress in the world . . .

“We are working with Your Words for some time now and have enjoyed professional level service and translation quality.

On every language project we consult with their staff on the ideal time schedule so as to have the best possible end result.  Every time the staff has shown understanding and sensitivity to our needs and the outcome of the work has always been punctual and most important of high quality.”

— Yaron, G.E. Erhlich

When you allocate enough  time for your translation task, you in fact increase your chances of winning the bid, making the sale, closing the deal or gaining the client.

Allocating the right amount of time can end up saving you time and money, while eliminating any room for errors.

Next, we’ll tackle the budget, so stay tuned for the next issue, and meanwhile don’t forget: “time is of the essence”!