November 2017

Opportunity Cost

2017-11-17T18:55:45-05:00Categories: Newsletter|

Simply put, opportunity cost is the value of what you give up when you choose to do something else. Let’s set a few assumptions. Say you have a brilliant employee (let’s call her Liz) [...]

Are You Prepared?

2017-11-17T18:47:12-05:00Categories: Newsletter|

In preparing to leave the house one day, it occurred to me that perhaps not all companies prepare properly for their translation tasks. Take any project that incorporates translation in it, and I dare [...]

To Unify or Not, That is the Question!

2017-11-17T18:40:49-05:00Categories: Newsletter|

Language — it’s what separates us from the animals, but also sometimes from each other. Language barriers are not limited to the obvious difference between completely different languages. Language barriers are also inherit among same [...]

Let’s Gloss

2017-11-17T18:29:39-05:00Categories: Newsletter|

But first, what is a Glossary exactly? It’s a list of specialized words or terms with their definition and/or translation in a specialized field of knowledge. In translation in general, and in bulk translations [...]


Your Words offers medical translations, legal translations, engineering translations and technical translations.

Our translators are constantly tested and reviewed to ensure the highest quality of work as well as punctuality.

Your Words has the ability to add a language department, or expand on an already existing one, by offering more than just translations. We are here to help you interpret, transcribe and design in over 140 languages.


For Consecutive Interpretations, a Your Words translator joins you personally in meetings, offering translations between the two parties in real time.

Phone Interpretation: a translator joins you on a conference call, offering live translation during the phone conversation.

Phone interpreters are always a dial away, regardless of your location.

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