Let’s Gloss

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But first, what is a Glossary exactly?

It’s a list of specialized words or terms with their definition and/or translation in a specialized field of knowledge.

In translation in general, and in bulk translations in particular, consistency and clarity are important quality issues, which a glossary can overcome quite easily.

Think of a company that develops or manufactures unique or specialized products. Or maybe it deals with a specific domain of knowledge. It has to establish a common language if it wants all its employees  to fully understand the essence of the business and its policies and processes, in order to relay a clear and consistent message the customer.

The difference in quality between a translation based on a given glossary and a translation based on the translator’s knowledge may really surprise you.

The benefits of having a glossary for your translations, in a nutshell:

  • Enables a common language, in any language, to describe your brand, products or business
  • Bulk jobs can be translated by more than one translator
  • Minimizes the impact on quality if the translator needs to be replaced for whatever reason
  • Saves on time and redundant questions, thus ultimately saving you money

Maybe this is another distinguishing point for you to consider when choosing the professional to work with — do they understand the importance of a glossary, but more importantly, will they adhere to yours?


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