Must-Haves of Taking Your Business Global and Why Translation of the Company Website is One of Them.

Many successful domestic companies at some point feel they are ready to move on and take a next step by expanding their business internationally. Global arena presents an ultimate opportunity to improve the potential for growth and development. To convert successfully from domestic to international a company will have to consider certain must-haves before moving further.

Do your research, build a plan and follow it.

As simple as it sounds, doing your homework by learning as much as possible about the market the company plans to enter and building a comprehensive international business plan lay the foundation for the success of the whole move and are of absolute necessity to evaluate the needs and set the goals.

Build your presence.

Equipped with a successful marketing campaign, when going global the company has to pinch it for the international market through the process of localization. Firstly, it is the website working 24/7/365 to consider investing in. Only 25.9% of web visitors are English speakers, closely followed by the native Chinese speakers, while the use of Spanish and Japanese continue to grow. A professional translation of the company website, in addition to creating a closer proximity to the customer, will cover such areas of native brand experience as honoring cultural sensitivities, awareness of local currencies and dialects, customized approaches to introducing product preferences.

Remember it is all about people and relationships.

Having a team dedicated for the task, preferably multilingual and sensitive to cultural differences will serve to eliminate language and cultural barriers and will be a key to building relationships that are cornerstone to any business.

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